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You can send money in minutes, the next day, or directly to a bank account, either online or from one of our 370,000 Western Union Agent locations worldwide. Use cash, credit, or debit cards.

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three ways to send money:

send bill payments fast and safe, right now.

The Western Union Quick Collect service sends your auto, mortgage, or other bill payments quickly and reliably. Use cash, credit, or debit cards. Compare bill payment options.

three ways to pay bills:
send money easily to an inmate's trust fund:

western union makes it easy to pay bills and manage your finances.

Western Union® Money OrdersSM are like checks, but without many of the hassles. Buy money orders at participating Agent locations.

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Western Union® Reloadable Visa® Prepaid Cards*

MoneyWise Visa - Our new and improved reloadable Prepaid Visa card allows you to manage and spend your money with control and confidence.

Gold Card Visa - With all of the benefits of our MoneyWise card, the Gold Card Visa offers rewards when sending money or paying bills through Western Union.

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Through Western Union's Our World, Our FamilySM program, the Western Union Foundation supports education, human service programs, humanitarian projects and relief efforts.

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